John Galliano without John Galliano, but with Bill Gaytten instead

John ’s shoes are not easy to fill, and probably expected to meet a certain criticism over his collection even before presenting it. The truth is that John ’s genius is unique and whoever is going to try to take his place will never be completely accepted by those fashion lovers loyal and devoted to John, who are still living his exile from his own brand like a personal offence (ok, I admit it, I’m one of them). It is important though to point out that Bill Gaytten is a very good designer and worked with John for years, and the choice of making a more commercial, less over-the-top collection collection came probably from above, in order to present a more sellable brand. The clothes were very nice and the style reminds us all of the real John , though it lack that  exciting mix of danger and decadence that John so naturally obtains.

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