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Alexis Mabille – The Black swan – Il cigno nero

Among leopards and gazelles Alexis Mabille presented a beautiful black swan wearing a terrific back gown and a black feather in her hair. Check it out. Tra leopardi e gazzelle Alexis Mabille ha presentato un bellissimo cigno nero, con indosso un abito nero incredibile ed una piuma tra i capelli.

Alexis Mabille – Animal Kingdom – Il regno animale

More pictures of animal-inspired gowns from the outstanding collection of Alexis Mabille. Here is a little biography taken from his official site. It was at a very young age, while he was living in the French city of Lyon, that Alexis Mabille discovered fashion. Inspired by wandering around museums and his family’s attics, he became […]

Alesix Mabille – The force of nature – La forza della natura

Taking his inspiration from La Fontaine‘s classic fables, Alexis Mabille presented during the Haute Couture week 18 gowns, each reflecting a wild animal. He walks onto dangerous territory in every sense, as the designs are as unpredictable and charming as nature itself. La collezione di Alexis Mabille presentata durante la settimana della moda e’ composta […]

Christophe Josse Haute Couture Fall Winter 2011/12 – Alta Moda Autunno Inverno 2011/12

Black and white, silver and red, short sexy hairstyles and a a fresh, yet extremely elegant look. This is the new collection by French designer Christophe Josse, modern-style Couture. Bianco e nero, argento e rosso, capelli dal taglio corto e sexy ed un look fresco ma estremamente elegante. Questa e’ la nuova collezione dello stilista […]

Elie Saab Haute Couture backstage 2nd Part –

Here is another gallery with the pictures we took backstage at Elie Saab Haute Couture fashion show in Paris. Apart from the beautiful dresses, we shot picture while models were having their make up and hair done, or simply while they were relaxing before the show. I get a lot of messages by people asking […]

Elie Saab Diamond Couture –

Elie Saab Haute Couture collection was surreal and dreamy, the models walked the catwalk looking as if they were dressed in light, diamonds and thin air. The fabrics are of the thinnest consistency, often richly decorated with stone shiny embroideries, the gowns are feminine and elegant. La collezione di Alta Moda di Elie Saab e’ […]

Giorgio Armani Prive’ – 2nd part od a beautiful backstage

More pictures from Armani Prive’ Haute Couture collection. They’re are worth a look I assure you, whether you are lying on the beach or back at work, I hope you’ll find a moment to go through this gallery… I haven’t been updating the blog for a few days I know, so my sincere apology to […]

Giorgio Armani Prive’ for Japan

Giorgio Armani, who says that he has always admired “the captivating culture and the refined sense of aesthetic” of Japan, and was “profoundly moved by the tragic events unleashed by the earthquake last March,” deemed his Fall 2011 Prive collection a homage to the country. Printed floral silk patterns graced skirts, bow belts emulated the […]

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