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Paris Haute Couture - Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier’ swan lake – Il lago dei cigni di Jean Paul Gaultier

“With looks with names like Black Swan, Triple Pirouette or Swan Lake it was easy to get the message, even if many of their looks were not so obviously balletic.” (Fashion Wire Daily) “This show was … the nearest Mr. Gaultier has been to revealing the nonchalant elegance of his thoroughly modern couture.” (International Herald [...]

Roberto Cavalli - Milan Fashion Week

The warrior look – Roberto Cavalli – look da guerriera

Today is one of those days when nothing goes smoothly…nothing too serious, just little complications here and there that makes me wonder why, in order to solve a single little thing, I end up having another 3 small things to solve as well. This got me thinking about the warrior woman presented recently by Roberto [...]

Louis Vuitton Show, what we will remember apart from Kate Moss – Sfilata Louis Vuitton: cosa ricorderemo oltre a Kate Moss

We will certainly remember Kate Moss smoking a cigarette on the catwalk (so criticized the next day by all the press because she was promoting smoking and giving a bad example….but has she ever been a GOOD example?), Naomi Campbell being “lowered” to the status of just a model among other models, Carmen Kass in [...]

Fashion goes fetish with Kate Moss – Louis Vuitton – La moda diventa feticcio con Kate Moss

Paris Fashion week and the Fall Winter 2011/12 season closed on a decadent, sensual note with Louis Vuitton show held in the courtyard of the Musee du Louvre. The idea behind the collection was to create a sort of “Vuitton Hotel”, a controversial, dark and opulent place with a black lacquer floor, sensual French maids [...]

Blumarine Backstage – a two-faced collection

A two-faced collection for Anna Molinari and her Blumarine line. The first part of the show was classic outfits – some rather sporty -  and bright coloured minidresses for the young or the young at heart (the garments are likely to be liked by a lot of people, as they have a 60′s glamour, yet [...]

The bold and the beautiful look of Dame Vivienne Westwood

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