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Summer colours – Matthew Williamson – Colori d’estate

Matthew Williamson Spring Summer collection is colourful and happy, wearable by women of different ages and sizes, always delicate and never vulgar. The key point seems to be a sort of cheerfulness, the same that is easily perceived backstage, while of the catwalk models are showing long floating gowns and short cocktail dresses with prints [...]

Jean Paul Gaultier

Bridal gowns from the catwalks – Abiti da sposa dalle passerelle

From Chanel, to Christian Dior, Lacroix and Elie Saab, here are the best bridal gowns that we saw on the catwalks last year. _______________________________________________________________________________ Da Chanel a Christian Dior, Lacroix o Elie Saab, ecco gli abiti da sposa piu’ belli dell’anno scorso.


Two Princesses and two Royal weddings – Due principesse e due abiti da sposa

If you can’t wait to see what Kate Middleton‘s gown will be like and you have already asked for the day off work on April 29 as you are planning be glued to the tv and not loose a single minute of the ceremony, what will you focus on after the Royals’ big day is [...]

Natasha Poly gets married in Givenchy – Natasha Poly si sposa in Givenchy

Surely a year that will go down in history for its wedding…and while we are getting ready to watch the two Royal weddings, that between Prince William and Kate Middleton, and the one between Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock (her dress might be designed by Giorgio Armani), we can’t help but notice the [...]

The mad hatter is back in town – Il ritorno del cappellaio matto

I’m having so much fun at picking these pictures that I have to post them right now….these hats are the best of British eccentricity!!! You must agree with me they would look rather appropriate for attending William and Kate Royal wedding (that would be the best place to wear them to), to go and bet [...]

Royal Wedding – the schedule and more suggestions on what to wear. Nozze Reali, calendario e suggerimenti su cosa indossare

If you haven’t been living in a cave, you already know the date of the wedding – April 29th. What you might not know is the schedule in details, which might be useful if you are think about going along. Go to bed at a reasonable time the night before, as they start as early [...]

Who is the designer of Kate’s wedding dress? Chi sara’ lo stilista dell’abito nunziale di Kate?

With William and Kate‘s wedding just over two weeks away, now more than ever the speculation over who is going to be the designer of the bride’s gown get more and more fervent. Rumors have it that Kate might have commissioned three or four different designers, so if the right name leaks out before the [...]

Kate vs Kate, who will look best? Kate contro Kate, chi sara’ la piu’ bella?

So Princess Kate has her doll, and Coke Kate had her statue, and they will both looking stunning for their wedding day…but who will have the most glamorous wedding and will look the best? Well, Kate Middleton, with her 29 years of age and the prospective of becoming a Princess would seem to be the [...]

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