Victoria’s Secret…secret numbers

Some curious information about the Victoria’s Secret show…(some of these info I took them from the site, which in my opinion is a great site!! Enjoy!!!

The show was split into five themed sections:

1) Ballet–real ballet dancers opened the show, models wore ribbons laced up their stilettos as if they were toe shoes

2) “Super ”–capes, bubble wings, super sexy super heros?

3) “Passion”–ornate, Spanish bullfighter-inspired bling

4) “Angels Aquatic”–angels on the half shell, under the sea

5) “I put a spell on you”–vampy, dark

6) “Club Pink”–models-as-disco balls.

The numbers…

64 stagehands
32 film and TV cameras
300 pounds of on the in 13 different colors
30 dancers, 20 are ballerinas
8 custom VS PINK dog mirror balls
4000 feet of linear truss
100 feet of runway
21 makeup artists
1100 audience members

wears the $2.5 million bra inside a glittery sea shell.

was wearing the , a set of wings made of copper and gold which featured 105.000 crystals and weighted 30 pounds.

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